E- bike Tours

Let us drive you through 2000 years of history with our elegant and efficient e-bikes and enjoy your journey in safety and without any fatigue.
Our commitment is to organize private/small group tours (max ten people) to make sure that your experience will be not only safe but also unique and personal.
To do this, we design routes that are as bike-friendly as possible and use guides who are specially trained for bicycle tours and, thus, know where, when and how to face potentially unsafe crossings and to react in any given situation.
The people of our team know how to lead a small group of cyclist around the maze of ancient cobblestone roads, alleys, renaissance bridges and paths that make Rome what it is and we select them for their expertise and ability to empathize on a personal level.
Top it off with our e-bikes (hybrid or city-bike the choice is yours) – to take away the effort and fatigue from pedaling, and you’re ready to go! We supply the bikes and guides, you bring your enthusiasm, Rome’s magic will do the rest!
Your personal safety is our first and utmost concern, for this reason, helmets are mandatory on our tours.
If you need a small or oversized e-bike, please let us know before booking, we’ll do our best to meet your requirements.

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