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Highlights of Rome: Vespa Tour of the City Center

The easy way. All highlights of the city center of Rome in a limited time riding a Vespa Our Vespa Tour in the city center is a "must" that everybody should do. During our Vespa Tour in Rome, You will be able to see places like the Colosseum, Navona square, Saint Peter Cathedral, the Janiculum [...]

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Selfie tour: 2 Hours Vespa tour of Rome’s panoramic views

Save your memories taking pictures with the most delightful views during our swift and funny selfie tour. The Selfie Vespa tour of Rome is our most spirited tour. In just two and a half hours you can travel more than 30 km to reach the most beautiful sights of Rome. I n our Selfie Vespa [...]

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The Roman countryside: Vespa tour of “Castelli Romani.”

PArole chiave – parole chiave 

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The third Rome Vespa tour in Rome

The third Rome: Vespa Tour

More than 1/3 of its built environment and 1/2 of its green was destroyed to make the so-called Third Rome. Hence, what visitors see today, isn’t just the result of nearly 30 centuries of continuous history and dwelling. Instead, it’s the outcome of careful staging, perpetrated at the purpose of transforming Rome into a modern, […]

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