Appian Way and the Catacombs

Welcome to ancient Rome

During this tour you will see places where time seems to have stopped. The catacombs and the “regina viarum” together with our expert tour leaders will give you unforgettable moments.
This tour will definitely be the highlight of your journey.


A quality e-bike

Tickets for a  guided visit at the catacombs


  • Departure from Via dei Cerchi 59 at 09.30 AM
  • Garden of Oranges
  • Cavalieri di Malta square
  • View of Caracalla’s Baths
  • Porta San Sebastiano
  • Church of Quo Vadis
  • Catacombs of Saint Callistus 
  • Residence of Maxentius
  • Tomb of Romulus
  • Circus
  • Tomb of Cecilia Metella
  • Tumulus of the Curiazi
  • Villa dei Quintili
  • Caffarella Valley
  • Nymphaeum of Egeria
  • Arrival at Via dei Cerchi 59 at 13:30


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